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Background photo Reinhold Messner
Portrait of Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner

Extreme mountaineer, author and founder of the Messner Mountain Foundation ITALY flag

Live life to the limits - without doubt the most well-known mountain climber in the world, he succeeded in making the first solo ascent of an eight-thousand metre peak, the Nanga Parbat – in 1978. Plus, Peter Habeler and he were the first mountaineers to climb Mount Everest in 1978 without supplemental oxygen. Since 1986, Messner has been considered to be the first person to conquer all 14 eight-thousand-metre peaks. In 1989, he travelled across the Antarctic with Arved Fuchs.

Along with his wife Diane, Reinhold Messner forms part of the Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team. Furthermore, as members of the Brand Council founded in 2023, they both develop strategic sustainability concepts and long-term rewilding projects together with other international members. As part of this partnership, Jack Wolfskin supports the Messner Mountain Foundation (MMF) alongside other NGOs and partners.