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Spotless on the slopes: washing and caring for ski jackets

A high-quality ski jacket will take your skiing experience to new heights. However, even the best jackets are susceptible to lots of potentially damaging factors – dirt, sweat and sun cream all leave their mark. That’s why it’s essential to wash your ski jacket in order to maintain its breathability and water-repellent properties over the long term. We’ll explain how.

  • Before washing your ski jacket, stop and ask yourself: is this really necessary? Generally speaking, functional clothing should be put into the washing machine as little as possible, so that the sensitive materials are not damaged. However, if you feel that your ski jacket is in need of a good wash, first of all carefully read the instructions on the care label.

    It is generally best not to put items like a ski jacket into the washing machine together with other laundry. The zip on your ski jacket could, for one thing, damage your favourite blouse. Moreover, you would be wise to choose a special detergent for waterproof functional items, so that your ski jacket is washed properly. This will ensure that your ski jacket remains breathable and water-repellent but it is not the detergent you would otherwise choose for everyday washing. If you have a down jacket, then choose a detergent that is specifically geared towards down. It preserves the natural loft of down.

    Furthermore, irrespective of whether you intend to wash a new ski jacket or one that has already been worn, avoid, whatever you do, the use of either a fabric softener or bleach, as these will clog the pores in the membrane. Moreover, select a programme for delicates and a slow spin when washing your ski jacket.

  • Step-by-step guide to washing a ski jacket:

    • The ski jacket should be washed separately from other items (apart from other functional wear).
    • Clear out the pockets and fasten the zip and Velcro fastenings of your ski jacket.
    • Carefully read the instructions of your care label and follow them. Unless otherwise specified, continue as follows:
    • Treat any soiled parts of the jacket with a damp sponge.
    • Turn your ski jacket inside out and put it into the washing machine.
    • Add the detergent for functional wear. Make sure that you do not overdo the detergent.
    • Select a wash programme for delicates and nothing higher than 40 degrees.
    • Spin only briefly and slowly.
  • Either lay a ski jacket flat on a clothes horse or place on a hanger to dry. Check the manufacturer’s care label for the item to see if it is suitable to put in a tumble dryer. If in doubt, let the ski jacket dry naturally in the open air as this is the gentlest method.

  • Before heading to the slopes again, you should look to reproof your ski jacket, so that it remains breathable and water-repellent in the future. You can quite easily add a waterproofing product to the wash cycle. Alternatively, you can use a waterproofing spray and waterproof your ski jacket while it is still damp. More details on waterproofing functional clothing.

If you’re still wondering what’s best to clean your ski jacket with,

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